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Long awaited during the winter months, when summer finally bursts through the door it greets us with intense colours and enticing perfumes. The caress of salt on the skin with the embrace of the sun. A restorative balm while our eyes delight in the sparkling blue of the sea.

The Mediterranean summer is a poem penned in light and air, suspended between sky and sea. The saltwater breeze accompanies the rhythm of the waves and the cicada’s song; when the sun ignites colours, the crystalline azure blue tones deepen as the day unfolds until fusing into the rosy glow of sunset symphonies.

The backdrop is the charm of the sea shore, guarded by stone pines, tall and graceful, introducing the beauty of the Mediterranean maquis, myrtles and junipers, and the inland districts, with their rich store of ancient histories and art treasures providing an endless source of wonder.

Sunny weather and perfect temperatures bring life to exterior spaces, made just as functional and appealing as the indoor home by Serenissima’s advanced ceramic solutions. Porcelain stoneware in 2 cm thick tiles with the R11 grip finish makes the ideal floor surface for gardens and patios, increasingly viewed as open-air extensions for home life.

A wide choice of colours, exclusive surfaces, and sizes meets all stylistic and technical demands, allowing perfect coordination with indoor flooring, also through the use of versatile laying solutions: dry for grass, gravel, and sand, or conventional adhesive fixing for slabs.

Alternatively, specially designed adjustable pedestals can be used to create raised floors in high thickness porcelain slabs. In this case the resulting void offers the perfect space to house lighting and irrigation systems, allowing straightforward inspection and servicing when needed.

The outdoor surface finish (type R11) results in a textured feel offering optimal anti-slip performance. This characteristic depth effect is highly effective in maximizing the good looks of certain tile collections, especially the stone and concrete effect: a technical and aesthetic accent underscoring the realism embodied in each and every Serenissima project.

Installed outdoors, porcelain stoneware is impervious to the action of mould, moss, salt and even chemical agents. The surface is weatherproof because it does not absorb water, therefore resisting also frost and thermal shock, while colours remain vivid despite prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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