The romantic atmospheres of the Amalfi Coast

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The presence of the sea accompanies every breath, whilst the light and the colours of nature come to life in a thousand shades. This is the magic of a romantic adventure on the Amalfi Coast, a true terrace overlooking the sea, among picturesque villages nestled in the mountains, narrow roads, and beaches set among the rocks.

A land rich with history and deep roots in Homer’s mythical Ulysses and his encounter with the sirens. Positano, the pearl of the Amalfi Coast, evokes the Odyssey with its suggestive beauty and has been transformed over time into a glamorous attraction that continues to enchant modern visitors.

Captivating homes, luxurious gardens of bougainvillea, fragrant lemon groves, and a crystal clear sea: a unique setting declared world heritage, a magical place to discover and treasure in your heart, where you can seek refuge to rediscover yourselves and harmony with the world. It will be love at first sight!

A scenic view of the natural beauties of the landscape is always of great value when designing or renovating an architectural space. The intense colours of nature, such as the blue of the sea and the green of the Mediterranean vegetation, deserve to be looked upon through a harmonious setting created by elegant and functional interior design solutions which are also capable of enhancing the interior.

The porcelain stoneware effect stone is an ideal solution in these settings, thanks to the pleasant combination of sought-after aesthetics, available in numerous trendy nuances, and a range of technical finishes capable of meeting safety needs and creative suggestions.

The Eclettica collection by Serenissima, inspired by a compact natural stone with small, contrasting grain, offers a range of surfaces dedicated to interior and exterior design planning. Natural, Silk, and Grip R11 are the three finishes to lay on the floor and on the walls to bring spectacular in-out environments to life.

After all, the outdoors, with spaces and environments designed down to the smallest detail, has gone through an intense evolution over the past few seasons and favoured the development of specific ceramic solutions which are original and of great aesthetic value, inextricably bound to the excellent performance of latest generation porcelain stoneware.

For the solarium overlooking the gulf, Serenissima chose the mosaic Palladiana Mix, with R11 Rock finishing, inspired by the age-old technical of flooring where the tiles were hand hewn, one by one. Realised with the attractive stone effect surfaces of Eclettica, the mosaic becomes an integral part of the green area, thanks to the neutral colours in the range.

But at the same time, the outdoors can also count on 2 cm thick products, also with R11 finishing, which is suitable for various laying solutions. The greater thickness allows dry laying on grass, gravel, and sand – highly practical for creating walkways through parks and gardens; laying it on a traditional bed, to create equipped and drivable areas; raised installation on adjustable supports that leaves space for the systems in the compartments beneath the treadable surface.

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