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The elegance of a dream come true in the most well-known shots of the cult film “Roman Holiday”: Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck embracing on a motorcycle, a timeless icon of Made in Italy, speeding in a charming Rome of the 1950s, from the Imperial Fora to Margutta street, passing through Piazza di Spagna and the Trevi Fountain. Amid eternal monuments and sights of overwhelming beauty, the capital of Fellini’s dolce vita continues to enchant and welcome those wishing to listen to its ancient voice narrating History.

The grande bellezza (The Great Beauty), captured nowadays by the Paolo Sorrentino’s filmmaking camera, epitomises change, the flow of time that takes away the signs of a glorious and almost cumbersome past, enriching its charm with a seducing melancholy. On the background, there are still the incomparable one-of-a-kind art and style settings that make the eternal city a truly unmissable destination.

Drawing inspiration from the masterful examples of architectural excellence of the past, that generate a worldwide envy towards Italy, leads to the stylish mixing of materials that differ in colour, texture and geographical origin. In interior design, as in fashion, stratification is an art that, when skilfully applied, allows to create scenic and visually appealing spaces , albeit with the necessary technical adaptations that are a must for contemporary public open spaces.

The wood effect porcelain stoneware of the Eclettica collection interprets a mineral that is fascinating in its graphical development, minimalist and yet noticeable through the tone-on-tone grain. The natural essence and neutral colours, versatile within the most elaborate project mood boards, lend themselves to define the identity of contemporary turnkey spaces, thanks to prestigious large sizes and to the high resistance and hygiene standards characterising ceramic materials. Likewise, residential indoor spaces find in mineral influences an interpretation of space capable of overcoming the concept of being fashionable and of exclusively embracing elegance. Original sizes for the world of ceramic surfaces, like the refined Chevron, and wallpaper effect decor solutions, transform floors and walls in customisable style details, creating captivating patterns and precious wood panelling.

Outdoor spaces are the context where porcelain stoneware most evidently enables to recover and enhance historical spaces through innovative and high performance solutions. Among Serenissima’s multiple offers characterised by 20 mm thickness and grip R11 finish, it is simple to find a colour and textural match to maintain maximum stylistic coherence, also in locations permeated with tradition.

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