The thrills and atmospheres of a weekend in Tuscany

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From the Chianti hills to the Val d’Orcia, delineated by renowned vineyards and rows of cypresses amid ancient stone villages and farmhouses, the Tuscan landscape is one of a kind. Easily distinguishable on account of its luxuriant nature, it has preserved the whimsical beauty of Renaissance paintings intact over time. It is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, which later became a pop culture icon thanks to the masterful photographs of Franco Fontana, who enhanced its elegant geometry through an abstract vision of its hills and colours.

The Tuscan landscape is undoubtedly the result of the finest dialogue between man and nature. Spending a weekend in Tuscany is a way to stop time and experience a dimension suspended amid dream and reality, where the art of a past steeped in wonder meets the pleasant enogastronomic flavours of a rich and generous land.

From this scenario, wherein architecture plays a leading role, came the material and chromatic suggestions for the development of porcelain stoneware surfaces that can be integrated in everyday living spaces.

A masterful example are handcrafted terracotta floors that bestow charming, yet current, colours to the porcelain stoneware of Studio 50, a stylistic invention by Serenissima that creatively explores the world of cement-look tiles, making them suitable even in contexts such as country and chic. Enhanced by the unique nuances inspired by materials such as pewter, terracotta and Verdigris, Studio 50 is a perfect blend of the materiality of cement and terracotta, embellished with a metallic gleam that is particularly desirable in the large sizes tiles of the range. The natural surface, elegant and soft to the touch, is perfect for laying on floors in interior spaces, and is available in decorative and mosaic versions to clothe floors and walls with a modern vibe.

But the excellent performance of porcelain stoneware makes the Serenissima collections also ideal for the restoration of historic spaces. Drawing from our vast catalogue, one may easily find the perfect material and colour pairing to enhance the most complex interior design projects. The Tuscan residence where Materica Tortora 80×80 cm was selected to cover the floor of the living area features a constant reference to essentiality and nature.

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