Materials used in architecture along with traditional ones, industrial manufacturing quality and refined craftsmanship all come together in the Evoca range of surfaces – the new project designed by Serenissima to broaden the language of design for ceramics. Evoca expresses an unusual aesthetic quality, balanced between past and present and therefore ideal for furnishing interiors and exteriors of modern surroundings and making simple, refurbished spaces more comfortable.

The versatility of the Evoca surfaces is further enhanced with the five exclusive colours selected for their elegance, warmth and refinement: Ambra and Terra are the shades that interpret the desire for comfort and a homely welcome, Avorio and Cenere are the colours with an intense fascination, capable of combining with even the most daring furnishing choices, and finally there’s the darkest one, Carbone, the most striking and restrained of them all.

Evoca comes in a variety of modular sizes, allowing designers to work out different laying solutions and experiment with colour combinations, giving free rein to their creativity. The range also includes an R11 grip surface, specifically for outdoor projects, thus widening Evoca’s field of application and guaranteeing perfect continuity between interior and exterior. Evoca with 19 mm thickness, in the new 60×120 cm size, is the solution that exploits Serenissima’s cutting-edge ceramic technology for extreme applications, such as the creation of areas suitable for vehicle access, walkways, and sites with facilities in outside areas, which will always be used with maximum safety thanks to the R11 A+B+C grip surface.

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