The glamorous side of the Venice Carnival

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Colours and masks, amid enjoyment and a touch of mystery. The Carnival is an eternally fascinating celebration in which people can break free from obligations and conventions and let themselves go. It dates back to the ancient Roman Saturnalia and to Greek Dionysian rites, but Venice is among the places where this festivity expresses itself most intriguingly.

In evocative narrow streets and noble squares, during the days of the Carnival people are “allowed to go crazy” and wander hidden behind masks which are enigmatic and seducing, like the enchanting city built on water, to disguise their appearance and forget who they are. In this way the Serenissima becomes a grand stage, in which actors and spectators form a unique and coloured procession, floating between fiction and reality.

Aesthetic research and passion for innovation link up in Serenissima’s original interior design offers. Searching for spectacular solutions, the Showall ceramic wallpapers respond with eye-catching motifs and bright colours, to be installed on walls and matched with various textural ideas in porcelain stoneware. The mix&match recommended by Gruppo Romani’s catalogues are countless, with wood effect surfaces, but also marble and natural stone effects. The ceramic material is ideal for floors, in homes and very busy public spaces; resistant, easy to clean, tamper proof, it can also be transformed into tailor-made furnishings, for spaces which are customised down to the smallest detail.

Hospitality and welcome are part of Made in Italy just as much as unique landscape and art cities. With Serenissima ceramics public and private spaces express their personality through high-quality materials, refined surfaces in which technical performance and style inspirations blend through colours and texture.

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