An excursion to the lake amid stone architectures and luxuriant nature

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Ancient mansions, with their noble and vain elegance, seem to reflect in the water, surrounded by beautiful scenery. The excursion to the lake is for people with a refined taste. It is recommended for those who are not in a hurry and who wish to take all the time that is needed to indulge in the pleasures of a magic spot, well-balanced between the luxuriant beauty of nature and the charm of a man-made landscape, like in an oil painting.

The glimpses of the lake, which have already inspired artists and writers in the past, continue to surprise travellers who spend a day strolling along the banks, amid stone architecture and botanical gardens, or discovering the enjoyment of a boat ride. They will be spellbound by very evocative atmospheres and landscapes which have never ceased to tell their stories.

The atmosphere of the lake, a placid stretch of crystal clear water, and the colours of the surrounding mountains offer a natural moodboard which inspires elegant spaces, public and private, to be made with Serenissima’s porcelain stoneware surfaces. Among the numerous offers, one can select surfaces with real-looking textural effects and innovative solutions linked to the study of original motifs, colours and texture. The stone effect floor Concreta Titanio and the decor surface Showall Foliage Gold, with a markedly three-dimensional naturalistic texture, installed on walls, create a modern and practical space which evokes classical atmospheres.

Serenissima’s house on the lake looks out on a magical landscape and lets in soft rays of natural light. The spaces, clad with surfaces in Materica porcelain stoneware, enhance the meticulous interior design project aimed at creating a relaxed elegance. The colour nuances selected for floors and walls are neutral tones to be matched with essential furnishings. The ceramic texture, an original blend of stone and cement textural effects, offers hints for refined decor, inspired by handicraft techniques, and consistent with the collection’s minimalist style.

Try out the relaxed elegance of the lake