A ski holiday in the mountain chalet

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Outdoors the white of the snowy landscape and the green of the woods, indoors the red of the burning fireplace. Brushstrokes of colour to describe the romantic charm of mountains in winter and the warm cosiness of a chalet surrounded by nature.

A refined and welcoming space in which to indulge in peace and silence, to forget about the stress of daily life. The mountain chalet is a refuge where to meet, a space where to disappear.

Surrounded by snowy peaks, the mountain home resembles a fairy tale. The magic atmosphere which is created when the alchemy between nature and man produces a living space which is in perfect harmony with its surroundings. Because also dreams materialise.

In the mountains, architecture requires careful choices in the selection of materials and #serenissimaceramiche porcelain stoneware surfaces represent an ideal balance between technical and style needs which are coherent with the nature of the place. The textural effects inspired by wood and natural stone are those which create the most exclusive spaces for hospitality at high altitudes.

The spacious and welcoming spaces are designed to guarantee maximum comfort and the required safety without compromising on attention to design. In particular, the fireplace, the catalysing area when it is specially cold, is embraced by fireproof and inert porcelain stoneware, while the same material, installed on floors, is resistant to trampling with heavy shoes and boots, when returning from outdoors activities.

Secular woods and majestic peaks, the mountains offer architecture its raw materials, used in traditional construction and interpreted by ceramic technologies to create increasingly beautiful and performing surfaces. For outdoor spaces, the offers with grip R11 finish guarantee maximum safety also in case of bad weather or the presence of water, without forgetting that porcelain stoneware is frost proof, hence resistant to low temperatures.

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