The art of Italian aperitifs

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A convivial and social rite held at the closing of the day in trendy clubs, or a pleasant custom savoured in utter relaxation at home. In Italy aperitifs are an ever-fashionable part of popular culture, yet deeply rooted in tradition.

From Turin, the city of the Savoy, to Milano da bere, the pleasure of aperitifs has gone hand in hand with the history of our country making certain liqueurs, such as Amaro Ramazzotti, Bitter Campari and Martini Bianco, veritable icons, until it took on a new guise in the happy hour, a time to relax while drinking a cocktail with friends.

The evolution of this custom in Italy has not changed its main features, which make it a tribute to the variety of flavours of our cuisine and the pleasures of drinking, in balanced and original mixes to be enjoyed exclusively with friends.

The warm and pleasant atmosphere of a place open to the public where you can enjoy an aperitif with friends is also the result of specific interior design choices. The flavours and aromas that Made in Italy beverages offer are best enjoyed in elegant and refined settings, fashioned with colours and material suggestions which remain etched in the heart and mind. Serenissima’s vast catalogue of porcelain stoneware surfaces offers designers specialized in hospitality spaces original solutions, which are also high-performing and functional thanks to the specific characteristics of the ceramic material. The Showall decorative large size tiles made of porcelain stoneware, a must-have fruit of Gruppo Romani’s creativity, clothe walls with ever-original inspirations, that may be paired with wood, stone or concrete-look floors that guarantee durability, ease of maintenance and complete hygiene.

Intimate and private spaces that can also open up to moments of conviviality, contemporary homes are designed as multitasking environments, capable of adapting to the different needs of daily life. Living rooms are a place for relaxation and free time actitivities, typically also used to welcome family and friends, perhaps for an aperitif before dinner. The practicality of porcelain stoneware supports this search for functionality, offering interior design multiple aesthetic solutions, in terms of colours and textures, to be combined with the furnishings of choice.

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