The natural harmonies of ‘made in Italy’

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The autumn woods bring a palette of embracing and vivid colours. The passage of the seasons is heralded by the colour of the leaves, as their summer greens give way to yellows, golds, reds and browns. This captivating spectacle of metamorphosis invites reflection among its observers.

Each season heralds a desire for change and a simple walk through the trees can become a renewed source of inspiration. The autumn brings us into contact with the natural world so we can relax, opening our minds to new ideas, envisioning new goals. Immersive thoughts of this type are the perfect inspiration for the creation of atmospheric spaces, intuiting the ideal connections between style and emotion. Versatile ceramic surfaces can readily capture the magic of colours, transposing them into contemporary living spaces.

With its neutral colours, warm tones and natural textures, porcelain stoneware relates Italian architectural tradition with bold, refined and versatile surfaces that draw from hand crafted terracotta, stone and wood. The colour range that emerges from the most fashionable ceramic projects is an anthem to informal and chic intimate spaces, where attention to detail is combined with uncomplicated linear compositions.

Serenissima’s Italica collection reinterprets the intense materiality of terracotta floors, broadening stylistic boundaries with a range of sizes that include the 100×100 and 60×120 large formats and with a choice of five colours (Terra Dolce, Terra Bruciata, Terra Salina, Terra Mista and Terra Arsa). With its timeless charm, the new collection develops stunning harmonies with contemporary design, blending perfectly with the most sophisticated project mood boards.

Modern interior design, which exploits the art of mixed composition to create chromatic interplays between different components of the room, finds a precious ally in Serenissima’s porcelain stoneware collections.

Ceramic wallpapers, such as Gruppo Romani’s ShoWall with third fire decoration, can function as a keynote element in any residential or contract space. The graphic themes drawn from nature and skilful applications of glaze and colour offer the perfect companion for wood or stone effect surfaces such as I Roveri or Eclettica, respectively. The result is a visually attractive space, balanced but never clichéd, that clearly reflects the personality of its customary occupants.

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