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Lights, colours, decorations and the fragrance of delicious foods. Christmas is our most loved and eagerly anticipated festivity because its traditions renew our togetherness and connection with family and friends. The rooms of the home are joyfully transformed to provide a fitting setting for good cheer and company.

Decorations make Christmas even more magical, while the interior backdrops rely on warm colours in contrast to the cold of winter: traditional red and gold provide the perfect counterpoint to the elegance of silver and white. In an inventive interplay, the Christmas palette starts from the traditional tree adorned in its finery and extends to the table place settings, different year to year.

This is a time when the connoisseurs of design find new ways of forging harmonic connections between the style of the home, starting from the materials and surfaces, and the decorations, to recreate the kind of atmospheres that make Christmas truly special for all.

Instinctively, Christmas atmospheres suggest the cold climate of Nordic countries and are matched to magnificent effect by Scandinavian style interiors. The stylistic choices traditionally found in Nordic homes have become icons of design that are now appreciated and recreated at every latitude. The rise in popularity of Nordic interiors is due to the harmony between colours and materials, which tends to maximise the effect of natural light, and their simple and rational lines, reflecting a quest for the maximum comfort.

Wood effect porcelain stoneware collections in the plank sizes can be perfectly integrated in a Scandinavian setting, thanks to the impeccability with which their chromatic and textural features evoke the material of inspiration, alongside the living comfort assured by ceramic surfaces in every domestic situation. Porcelain stoneware’s innate ability to interpret different wood types, revealing them in more or less intensely characterized surfaces, has aided the widespread adoption of these floors, which can now offer an infinite range of interior design solutions.

Medium and large plank tiles are accompanied by smaller sizes to create decorative layouts such as herringbone patterns, or in accordance with graphic designs inspired by the forms of artisanal coffers.

Also worthy of note are the various colour options for wood effect porcelain stoneware, distinguished among other materials for its openness to mix & match layouts, adjoined by suggestions of marble, concrete and natural stone.

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