From skylines to historical treasures, the art of city dwelling

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The image of the metropolis is perfectly expressed in its skyline, a silhouette etched into the backdrop. While the most famous and instantly recognisable skyline is that of New York, the quintessential metropolis, every urban landscape is defined by its horizontal profile. Take the skyline of any major Italian city for example, typically defined by the cohabitation of monumental edifices from times past with the futuristic lines of contemporary architectural design.

Innately animated, multiform and stimulating, the metropolitan environment is the meeting place of people and cultures, continuously reinventing our understanding of the role of big cities. An iconic space, the metropolis is the expression of contemporary life, a source of inspiration for the creation of residential and work spaces through the use of innovative, sustainable and versatile materials, like ‘Made in Italy’ ceramic surfaces.

Porcelain stoneware brings interior design perspectives that are forever original, especially in the creation of work spaces, where it offers the ideal response to requirements of image and function alike.

Concrete and stone, the material icons of architectural art, find a perfect nexus in the surfaces of Serenissima’s Materica collection, ideal for a meeting room that is to combine the durability, practical maintenance and cleanability typical of ceramics, with a forceful stylistic statement.

Materica’s neutral colours and sophisticated textures are ideally amalgamated with Gruppo Romani’s ShoWall coverings, decorative elements able to break up the unyielding and sober designs typical of the modern workplace.

In the strictly residential sphere, metropolitan interiors find a powerful ally in the material effects of porcelain stoneware to create spaces of assured stylistic appeal, with refined and pleasingly tactile surfaces inspired by the artisanal traditions of the ‘made in Italy’ world.

The Italica collection presents a terracotta effect in a contemporary vein, expressed in five colour shades that speak of landscapes and perceptions. The maxi sizes like the 100×100 cm and bright colours such as Terra Salina bring innovative thinking to Serenissima’s reinterpretation of terracotta, which becomes a material of distinction for urban dwellings in which natural light may be at a premium.

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